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Government Of Assam Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) Neer Nirmal Pariyojana, Assam (World Bank Aided Project)

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

  • Access to safe drinking water to each household in the project area on sustainable basis.
  • Eradication of open defecation by providing basic sanitation and evolving a new strategy
  • Ensure peoples participation at all level which shall lead to recovery of O & M cost.
  • To improve overall rural water supply and sanitation services through progressive decentralization.
  • To create a sensational social norm acceptable at all levels for water and sanitation.

Our Mission

  • The project is aimed to provide quality drinking water to the people on the basis of 24×7 @ 70lpcd through household connections.
  • To ensure peoples participation at all level in the project area for sustainability.
  • To eradicate open defecation.
  • To adopt all measures for improvement of environmental sanitation including SLW Management