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Government Of Assam Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) Neer Nirmal Pariyojana, Assam (World Bank Aided Project)

Monitoring System

  • Monitoring System under NNP-Assam

    Online Reporting & Monitoring System, NNP-Assam (ORMS, NNP-Assam) is a digital initiative to capture all relevant information, data and reports related to the various activities under NNP. It is a single window web-portal that assists in tracking the progress and status of NNP in Assam. The ORMS contains the following modules.

    • Monthly Progress Reporting System (MPRS) – to capture monthly physical and financial progress under NNP and the data is entered by respective DPMU.
    • Project Management System (PMS) - to captures task wise progress under the Infrastructure development against the agreed Work Plan It acts as an interface between Contractors, DPMU, TPQAC and SPMU.
    • Capacity Building Management Information System (CBMIS) - captures relevant information related to various Capacity Building activities under NNP.
    • Financial Monitoring System (FMS) tracks inflow and outflow of fund at SPMU and DPMU levels.
    • Tour Reporting System (TRS) captures details of the field visits by SPMU and DPMU level officials including the outputs of field visits.
    • File Tracking System (FTS). SPMU functions on the basis of Electronic files and FTS is to track the File Movement within the SPMU.

    Community Contribution Online Tracker (CCOT): General Households joining NNP make a contribution of Rs.450, while SC and ST households contribute Rs.225 for a household piped water supply connection. Since the households are already baselined and data uploaded on to a website, the community contribution is tracked on a daily basis. The status of collection and the total cumulative fund generated through Community Contribution is also auto calculated. The CCOT is also used to assess the performance of Community Mobilizers. The CCOT generates a list of households which have paid CC and which are yet to pay the same. The CCOT sends acknowledgment SMS on receipt of Community Contribution to the respective households

    The Bulletin: NNP publishes a bi-weekly news bulletin on the project. It is an information sharing platform wherein the progress related to Infrastructure, Capacity Building, Community Contribution, Baseline Survey & other project components are published. It also profiles successful Community Mobilizers and their success stories.

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