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Government Of Assam Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) Neer Nirmal Pariyojana, Assam (World Bank Aided Project)

Composite Water Supply Scheme for sustainability & Quality in Jorhat, Jorhat Central and Jorhat North West Development Block of Jorhat District

  • Name of the Scheme: Composite Water Supply Scheme for sustainability & Quality in Jorhat, Jorhat Central and Jorhat North West Development Block of Jorhat District 

    Proposed Source of Water: Brahmaputra

    Proposed Intake Point: Nimatighat at river Brahmaputra 

    Location : North Latitude: 94° 5' - 94° 25', East Longitude: 26° 36' - 26° 53' 

    Connectivity: Distance from state capital Guwahati is 293 Kms.

    About the District:

    Jorhat is an administrative district of Assam, located in the central part of Brahmaputra Valley. The district is bounded by Lakhimpur district on the north, Nagaland state on the south, Sivasagar on the east and Golaghat on the west. On the North of the district, the river Brahmaputra forms the largest riverine island in the world. At Present, the district is spreading over 2851 sq. Kms.

    Area to be covered:

    The area to be covered by the project is the complete area of Jorhat, Jorhat Central and Jorhat North West Development Block of Jorhat District. All total of 163 villages of 33 GPs of these three development block shall be benefited by the project.

    SNName of Dev. BlockName of GP
    1JorhatBaghchungh Charaibahi
    3JorhatDakhin Charaibahi
    4JorhatDakhin Karanga
    5JorhatDakhin Pub Amani Charaibahi
    7JorhatMadhya Katani
    8JorhatMadhya Namonicharaibahi
    9JorhatUttar Garmur Bagisha
    10JorhatDakhin Katani Bagisha
    12JorhatMadhya Khongia
    15JorhatUttar Khongia
    16JorhatUttar Namoni Charaibhai
    17Jorhat CentralChowkhat Hatigarh
    18Jorhat CentralGohain Fesual
    19Jorhat CentralJotokia
    20Jorhat CentralMeleng Bali Chapori
    21Jorhat CentralHolongaparBagan
    22Jorhat CentralKakajan
    23Jorhat CentralPaschimHolongpara
    24Jorhat North WestCharingia
    25Jorhat North WestBaligaon
    26Jorhat North WestPaschim Charigaon
    27Jorhat North WestPachimSarucharai
    28Jorhat North WestPub- Sarucharai
    29Jorhat North WestRajahowli
    30Jorhat North WestDhekorgorah
    31Jorhat North WestMadhya Sarucharai
    32Jorhat North WestNowboichi
    33Jorhat North WestPub-Charigaon


    1. Construction of Water Treatment Plant and ESRs are in process.
    2. Awareness meetings by Community Mobilizers is going on.
    3. Training of GPWSC members is going on.
    4. Collection of Community Contribution is in process.