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Government Of Assam Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) Neer Nirmal Pariyojana, Assam (World Bank Aided Project)


The Bulletin

(A weekly bulletin to reflect the progress on Baseline Survey, Community Contribution, initiatives and success stories)

The Bulletin” is an information sharing platform wherein progress related to Community Contribution, Baseline Survey & other components are mentioned. It also shares testimonies of Community Mobilizers and success stories under the project on rural water supply and sanitation.

Initiatives taken to enhance the Speed & Quality of Baseline Survey:The Baseline survey is undertaken to commence the NNP operations in the project areas. The survey is conducted using web-based software through Tablets.

Implementation of – Triangulation of Baseline Data (Tri-BD): To authenticate the baseline records, we are in the process to implement “Triangulation of Baseline Data (Tri-BD)” in 2 Phases. In Phase-I, the baseline data will be validated through 3 different sources (i.e. Comparison with SBM survey data, Comparison with Voter List 2016 and Final verification through concern Ward Members /GP President). In Phase-II, we will conduct survey for the left-out cases /HH (if any).

Implementation of “Reach Community Through SMS (RCTS)”: We are in the process to implement RCTS – Reach Community Through SMS (using Bulk SMS Service). The prime objective of RCTS is to create awareness about “Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Project (RWSSP)” among the targeted community people under the project. The objective of RCTS comprises of:

  1. As a form of acknowledgment on receipt of Community Contribution.
  2. Generate awareness on salient features of the project.

Implementation of – “Review, Feedback & Ranking System (Re-FRank System)”: We are in the process to implement – Review, Feedback & Ranking System (Re-FRank System) on monthly basis. Under Re-FRank System, the procedure will be as follows:

  • DPMU will enter all the relevant records under the online monitoring application by 5th of every month.
  • SPMU will pull out the records and make it in a presentable manner for review by 7th of every month
  • A State Level Review Meeting (SLRM) will be conducted on 9th of every month. In case the mentioned date is holiday – next working day will be considered for Review Meeting.
  • On the basis of performance review –Feedback & Ranking will be given to the respective DPMUs by 12th of every month.